Fortitude Health and Wellness is a Ipswich based nutrition business created as a result of a passion for living life to the fullest - one full of good food and great adventures alongside fabulous friends and family.

Whilst  FHW is all about eating greens, balancing meals and never missing a Saturday morning pilates classes, we are also strong believers in balance - an espresso martini here, and a big old pizza there, never hurt no body. 

We want to encourage you to live a big, full life - one full of balance - not restrictions or deprivation. 

FHW have a strong belief that true health encompasses what you're eating, how you're moving and what you're thinking and saying, to yourself and others. Our services therefore focuses on integrative medicine (taking into account the whole person and their lifestyle) combining nutritional medicine and the total body conditioning fitness practice of pilates to achieve a healthy body and mind.  

At FHW we are determined to help you achieve your health and fitness goals  by helping guide you through living a healthier lifestyle - wether you're just starting out or simply looking for new ideas to mix it up in the kitchen and gym. 

FHW Nutritionist Sabra has had success working with both every day individuals and semi professional athletes in achieving their goals, and helped manage clients suffering from conditions that include endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, osteoporosis and diabetes. By incorporating a holistic approach to wellness, each client has walked away with the education, tools and nutritional support required to reach their goals and enhance their everyday life wether they follow a traditional, vegetarian, paleo or vegan diet. 

Through  Fortitude Health and Wellness we hope to inspire, educate and cheer you on - adding a little ab and glut burn for good measure.