Back to the Beginning

Once upon a time there lived a young, slightly (read: massively) insecure teenage girl desperately wanting to lose some weight in order to look like a Victoria's Secret model, or at least Serena Van der Woodsen. 

So she did what any naive young girl would do - she joined a gym where she ran and ran for hours a day in between the time consuming task of counting calories. And when I say counting calories I mean the type of counting calories that makes you think if you skip lunch you can eat a chocolate bar instead. And sure she lost 1 or 2 kilos but she also could barely keep her eyes open (no matter how much sleep she got), blackheads galore had taken up camp on her face and wow oh wow was she moody. 

Plot twist, the naive young girl was me. Your shook I know. 

But I also feel like that naive young girl has been a lot of us. Desperate to achieve an image that we have seen portrayed on our tv's, or most likely on instagram in today's world, but not necessarily knowing how to do it or even if we should do it. 

Not once did I stop to consider what was right for me - what was healthy for my body and the lifestyle I wanted to lead - I just knew I wanted to look like once of those dream girls and have a dream life (insert the add on extras of amazing style and fabulous boyfriend that naturally comes with).

And whilst I ran endless kms for that image and counted every calorie that entered my mouth I also found myself even more obsessed with how I looked. No matter how many kilos I lost, it was never enough. Add that negative self talk to the lack of energy and mood swings and so NOT goals. 

Elizabeth Gilbert famously wrote, "I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bulls**t ". And that's what I did - I got sick of being unhappy with how I looked, how I was treating myself and how bloody tired I was ALL the time. So I did some research and uncovered an abundance of information on what I should be eating, when I should be eating it, how I should be eating and then like 12 more articles that said the opposite to that first one. This nutrition stuff was confusing. 

And so I decided that the best course of action to help make sense of it all was to get some more HECs debt happening, completing an Advanced Diploma and Bachelor in Nutrition. After 4 years of study I got real nutrition woke. 

 And let me tell you, new young girl would have some firm words to say to the old her for treating her body so poorly for all those years.

Hot Tip: you should NOT skip lunch so you can eat a chocolate bar instead (insert face palm emoji)

I also decided that running was actually the worst and gave it up for something I actually enjoyed - insert pilates and say hello to some core strength, toned limbs and a perkier butt. 

By learning throughout my studies about the nitty gritty of the human body - the digestive system, the nervous system, all the hormones and crazy amazing awesome reactions that happen ever second of every day - it gave me a new found appreciation for my body and the nutrients I was putting into it. It also gave me a new found desire to help others navigate there way through trying to make the best choices for themselves and their families when it came to food. And so here I am, educated and passionate ready to help you, for you.