Hi Team! Welcome to Fortitude Health and Wellness a space dedicated to education, sharing experiences, tips and tricks on all things health and well, wellness. The aim of FHW is to leave you feeling informed and ready to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, or just mix up your current lifestyle. 

A full list of available services can be found on the WORK WITH ME page, but as a quick overview FHW provide one on one nutrition services to men and women of all ages (consults, nutritional analysis, supplements and meal plans) wether their goals be weight loss/gain, maintenance, increase energy, clearer skin, better sleep, hormone balance or coping with food intolerances. FHW also offer group education seminars, wellness workshops, one on one and group pilates classes. 

Acting as an extension of the FHW business, this website will serve as an online hub where you can find:
- healthy, well balanced, easy to make recipes to add to your cooking repertoire
- well researched articles dissecting the copious amounts of literature on what you should be eating, into readable and relatable information you don't need a $70000 HECs debt to understand
- pilates based exercise tips and tricks
- bulk inspiration and positivity

Even if you aren't located within face to face reach, the hope is that this website will provide you with enough education and inspiration that you feel confident and supported. And if you do live within the business' operating area, we hope the website serves you with some extra inspo to enhance our already quality face to face services. 

If you want to hear more about how FHW came about, grab yourself a green tea and some dark chocolate (come on guys 2 squares max #balance) and get ready for our second blog  post 'Back to the Beginning'. If you just need something to cook for dinner tonight, then head straight to the PANTRY page.  

Regardless of what you're after, thank you so much for stopping by - if you are interested in working with FHW, or have any nutrition or pilates questions that need answering, head to the CONTACT page and send us an email. We would love to hear from you!