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Nutrition Services

Based in Ipswich and working throughout Brisbane’s Western Suburbs FHW offers both individual, community and corporate services to educate and inspire you in practical ways towards eating healthier foods to help fuel your lifestyle.

  • Nutritional Consultations (Individual)
    These comprehensive sessions is where we will discuss your current lifestyle (food, exercise, work, stress and sleep to name a few) and where you want to be. One on One consultations are perfect to get an overview of how your food and lifestyle are impacting your health and provide the base for us to work together on achieving your goals wether they be weight loss, weight gain, hormone balance, increase energy, coping with food intolerances or improving your overall health. Nutritional analysis of your current diet, meal plans, recipes and nutritional supplements are some of the options available through these sessions.

    Consultations are available at across two locations - you can book by heading to the CONTACT US page.

  • Educational Seminars (Group)
    Great for corporate groups, or even just a group of friends, these 1 hour long education seminars will help take you on the journey to making healthy food choices. Covering the basics of macronutrients to the nitty gritty of hormones these seminars will leave you feeling educated and provide you with practical steps to take in your everyday life to help increase your own and your families health.

    Interested? Send us an email.

  • Wellness Workshops (Group)
    If you want to expand further, the FHW Wellness Workshops combine the education of our seminars with a more hands on approach to get you more than comfortable cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

    Ready to get educated? Send us an email.

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Pilates Services 

Based in West Brisbane FHW offer both mat and reformer pilates classes in a number of locations that include Q Pilates Jindalee and City Cave Ipswich.

  • Group Pilates
    Enjoy the positive energy of a group environment where we cover the basics of pilates before moving into a work out that is sure to burn those gluts and tighten those abs. Welcome to both beginners and advanced clients, FHW pilates classes take care to suit individual needs providing options to support rehabilitated injuries as well as push those that dare add in an ankle weight or two.